About Us

Innovative, Passionate, Authentic

Hogshaw Farm & Wildlife Park is a progressive open farm space inspired by community, conservation & countryside.

Hogshaw Farm & Wildlife Park first opened to the public in 2014 as ‘Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm & Eco Centre’ – an environmentally friendly, rare breeds farm park for the local community to enjoy.

Through fun & adventure, we work together to care for our local landscape, conserve our native habitats and protect our natural environment for future generations. Our innovations link with horticultural wilding programmes, the conservation of rare breeds, sustainable farming practices, and education on British and European wildlife.

As a fun and accessible open farm, we provide our community with a space to have adventures, encouraging a connection with nature and inspiring local change for a happier, healthier future.

Through our immersive experiences, family-fun events, and hands-on workshops, we engage & educate in a relaxed way, hoping to to inspire care & awareness for our natural habitats.

Our fabulous farm park team are passionate about bringing you the best of the Buckinghamshire countryside. They are excited to share their experience and insight into the conservation of rare breeds, sustainable farming practices, and to educate us on British and European wildlife, in a way that is fun-filled and hands-on! The perfect family day out!

About Us at Hogshaw Farm

We restore, regenerate & conserve our environment so people and nature can thrive. We encourage our community to be a part of our conservation in action.


We practice sustainability by protecting biodiversity, supporting soil health, improving our water cycle, encouraging native pollinators and promoting natural pest control.


We inspire action through our knowledge, expertise and passion, connecting people allowing them to learn about our countryside, nature and wildlife.


We provide a positive open farm space to relax in, to create memories together & provide the freedom to explore. We are free range fun.

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